Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal completes the replica watches

Packaging and first impression The Sir¨¨ne de Andr¨¦ Belfort in gold / black is received packaged in a very compact cushioned cardboard box. Sir¨¨ne himself is presented in a very fine box (as a gift) in black. In the box next to the replica watches comes a very high quality plastic card for the warranty and a complete, but easy to understand, instruction manual. This package reflects a very sophisticated look and undoubtedly increases the quality of the Sir¨¨ne de Andr¨¦ Belfort.

Quality and finish The Sir¨¨ne is of high quality and is powered by an automatic Andr¨¦ Belfort ETK 6702 calibration. The fake watches features an impressive quality ceramic body with stainless steel base. Also, the strap is made of resistant ceramic. Scratch resistant sapphire crystal completes the watch. In general the Sir¨¨ne de Andr¨¦ Belfort is impressive.

Functionality and daily use In our tests the Sir¨¨ne de Andr¨¦ Belfort has convinced us to the fullest. Thanks to the scratch resistance of the sapphire crystal, and the robust stainless steel and ceramic housing replica watches, our daily and sporting tests have not been a problem for the noble Sir¨¨ne.

We are very impressed by the test results of the Sir¨¨ne de Andr¨¦ Belfort. We are so impressed that we can only say of this gem that is highly recommended. Chic and elegant but still robust and suitable for everyday use. The Sir¨¨ne de Andr¨¦ Belfort is an excellent replica watches.