Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal completes the replica watches

Replica Breitling expands its Transocean collection with totally new chronographs for women. Clear design, sophisticated details. The Transocean recalls the design of the chronographs of the 50s and 60s. The background has the two stylized planes engraved, in addition to the initial 18-carat gold B that highlights the dial, reminiscent, for a long time, of the previous symbol of the Breitling brand. This model is considered as a new classic of traditional watchmaking, which combines prestige and exclusivity.

The Noblesse is a replica watches uk from the André Belfort house. Chic and elegant - that's how the automatic watch is presented - with a gold-plated steel case. The dial has been carefully designed. Juxtaposed layout Indicators of the day of the week, month and 24 hours adorn the dial. Under the André Belfort logo a great indicator with the date is presented. Like any André Belfort replica watch, Noblesse has been equipped with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. The beautiful genuine leather strap makes the fake watches completely elegant.

Its special design element: the recess of the interior in the center of the dial that allows a complete view of the automatic mechanism with bluish screws.The Marin has a rotating bezel with a scale in the form of a ruler. Together with the scale, on the clock dial, basic arithmetic multiplication and division can be performed. Roman numerals, really beautiful, adorn the dial. In place of the twelve Roman is the André Belfort logo. The automatic replica watches has date, month, day and 24 hour indicator. Case and strap are made of solid stainless steel. The strap is closed by a flip-lock closure (with locking tab). Scratch resistant sapphire crystal completes the replica watch. In addition to the smooth black finish, this beautiful automatic watch is also available in steel / silver and steel / black.