Prove that silicone replica watches can also be chic and elegant

Chic is a trend - and also replica watches with silicone strap can be chic, for Riko's Kailua Kona Chrono shows. I have and have tried the beautiful chronographs of the Riko Kona house and I have received the white gold model at home.

Finally, after a few days I had the opportunity to have the Kailua Chrono in my hands. Very well packaged in a gift box. The six-sided watch boxes can be connected to each other. For watch collectors it is also a wonderful way to display fake watches UK. The box can also be used as a jewelry box - but for now I am testing the chronograph.

Who would have thought that a silicone fake watch could be so elegant? To be honest based on what I expected - Riko's Chrono Kailua Kona has not disappointed me. The design is elegant. The gold inlays are in perfect harmony. The silicone strap is soft and comfortable to wear on the wrist. The finish is perfect. There are no scratches or the like, the Riko Kona chronograph conveys a feeling of robustness.

Who says a silicone watch can't be glamorous is completely wrong! Because Riko Kona's Chrono Kailua proves that silicone replica watches can also be chic and elegant. By the way: combine perfectly with black dresses, there is a Chrono Kailua in black!